How To Paint Roses On Fondant

Fancy up biscuits, cookies and cakes covered with fondant with this easy how to paint roses tutorial
Course Dessert
Keyword cake decorating,, cookie decorating, fondant
Prep Time 5 minutes
Author Dimitra


  • 12 shortbread biscuits you can also use a cake or any type of cookie or biscuit
  • 250 g fondant
  • food gel paste chocen colour


  • 1 silicon mat
  • 1 fondant rolling pin
  • Assortment food grade paint brushes


  • Cover your biscuits or cake with fondant
  • Add some red food gel paste to your brush and dab little circles around your fondant. Wiggle your brush to make them look fluffy, this will give the look of a few petals. Add a little more red or whatever colour you are making your roses to your brush and dab on one side of each circle to give it a 3d effect.
  • Using your thinnest brush add some green food gel and in a quick sweeping motion paint on your leaves. You can add 1 or 2 it is up to you. I also like to add a few loose leaves too because I think it makes the picture look more fancy.
  • Show off your beautiful creations (",)